365 Project Day Three – Tea and a Book For Me.

Ok. So this is one is not very creative, but it is rather descriptive of me.  I am often found curled up on the couch with a book, my favorite blanket and a cup of tea.  Sure beats housework.



365 Project Day Two


You would think that working in a library finding one book related photo per day would be easy.  There’s always someone reading, right?  That’s true.  I’m surrounded by books and often by students reading.  That’s the problem. The readers are students. I LOVE that they all read so much, but even if there were not rules against it, I still wouldn’t publish photos of my students. I value their safety and their privacy too much.  Oh, I do take photos of them from time to time. I plan on having a “Look Who Got Caught Reading” wall in the library.  I’m going to have to get creative in my search for a daily photo – and that was one of the reasons I signed up for 365 project.

This is not the best photo, but it’s not bad for quickly throwing something together just before I fall asleep.  A little photo editing and what would have been a bland photo is a bit more interesting. (See the original photo below.)  So what do you think?

365 Project

I ran across the 365 Project quite by accident. I think it was a pin on Pinterest.  I am always looking for ways to improve my photographic creativity, so I thought this would be just the thing for me to do.

A 365 Project is one where you pick a them and take a picture a day for one year.  I chose the easiest theme for me – books/reading.  Being a total bookworm and an elementary school librarian, I thought it would be much easier to find a photo a day related to books.

As a side project I’m looking for ways to do self portraits without including myself in the photo – photos of things that describe me

This is my first photo for the project.